RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS - RINGNES PUB, JÖNKÖPING - Wednesday, 23:rd of August, 2000.


Review from Finnveden Fredag - By TORBJÖRN ÅKERBLAD.




I admit that I never before heard of Arizona-based guitarist/singer/songwriter Rich Hopkins. Therefore, I am not able to tell you much about his musical career other than the fact that he has been a very active recording artist since the middle of the 80's with Sidewinders/Sand Rubies and in the last five years or so with Luminarios on Blue Rose Records

Anyway, I drove to Jönköping to see Luminarios' bass-player; Mike Davis was part of one of Rock-history's most groundbreaking and trendsetting constellations, The MC5, from "The Motor City", Detroit. I dare to say that without MC5 and Iggy & The Stooges, there would have been no british punk-rock as we know it today. The Grunge-wave would have had problems surfacing and Swedish undergroundheroes "Union Carbide Productions"(a.k.a Soundtrack Of Our Lives) would have had to search for inspiration somewhere else. Knowing all that, it is a great experience to see Mike handling his Fenderbass, playing with the same attack as he did more than 30 years ago! Just the fact that he still lives is amazing when you think of what happened to MC5 singer, Rob Tyner...

Rich Hopkins & Luminarios draw a great deal of inspiration from Neil Young, and a bit to much of that in the guitarplaying, in my opinion. The first part of the concert was based on soft, somewhat country/bluesey-songs. Rich writes some really great lyrics and if you closed your eyes, you could imagine yourself and the band at some dusty El Paso hotel, or you would see the sad eyes of one of the song-characters.

But during the last 30 minutes or so (when someone in the audience had traded beer for more music), things started rocking. I could hear 70's psychedelic rockers MAN for awhile.

During the last jam, Rich's playing was getting more "spacey", and after the show, I just had to buy some Luminarios-records. Probably spinning in the CD-player right now...


(Translated by Sven Lagerberg)

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