John Otway - Microstar


Sett/Hört John Otway Live 10ggr - i London - 1983-1997.

Första gången: Dublin Castle, Camden 18/12 1983.

2. The Cricketers 7/6 1985.

3. The Cricketers 31/5 1987.

4. Red Lion 19/6 1988.

5. The Plough, 12/1 1990 (w/The Pirates).

6. The Cricketers 4/8 1990.

7. Amersham Arms 22/3 1991 (w/Atilla The Stockbroker).

8. The Plough 31/7 1991.

9. Weavers Arms 4/1 1992 (w/TV Smith).

och senaste gången: Weavers Arms, 12/1 1997.


John's underbara bok

"Cor Baby, That's Really Me!"



Låtarna jag gillar mest:

Really Free (The Hit),

Cheryl's Going Home, Genève,

Beware of the flowers (cos I'm sure they're gonna get you, yeh...)

Louisa on a horse, I Will Survive, Body Talk,

D.K. 50/80, Baby's in the club, Blockbuster, Two Little Boys,

Focke Wolf, Middle Of Winter, You ain't seen nothing yet,

Can't Complain, Oh my body is making me, Down The Road,

Crazy Horses, Billy don't be a hero, Space Oddity,

House of the rising sun, House Is Burning, m.fl.



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